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608.0 Invention and patents

Resources limited in scope to inventing and patenting. For resources which address inventing, patenting together with other business functions, see 658.

Patent marketing resources

Includes patent listings (patents available and patents wanted), agents, exchanges, auctions, advertising.
HelloBrain - The World's Intellectual Capital Exchange
Lambert & Lambert Invention Marketing & Licensing For New Invention Ideas global forum for buying and selling new ideas and intellectual property. for sale! Going once...Going twice...SOLD! - The Patent and License Exchange
Will It Sell? How to Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable - Technology Transfer
A Complete Technology Site : R and D News, Technology Transfer, Venture Capital

Licensees seeking inventors

Pelham West Associates
See article "Found" in Jan/Feb 2001 issue of Inventors' Digest.
Haystack Toys
Sponsor of Great American Toy Hunt.
Hog Wild!

Patent & TM Databases and Libraries

B1 - esp@cenet -  your gateway to patents
IPSearchEngine Intellectual Property Patent Search Engine for World Databases
Market Launchers
lists new inventions available for sale or licensing, builds inventors' web sites, new product development, free inventor newsletter.
Mayall's IP Links pat/tm search - subscription based
Patent and Trade Mark Group (PATMG)
Patent and Trademark Library: Sunnyvale Center for Innovation, Invention and Ideas (SCI3)

665 W. Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA. 408-730-7300. A partnership with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the City of Sunnyvale. Offering full patent searching services, trademark resources, training and seminars.
Patent Information Users Group - PIUG
SurfIP -The destination IP portal
U.S.Patents Project at CNIDR
This system provides an interface to search a database of over 21 years (from 1976) of U.S. patent bibliographic descriptions (full text of first page). Supports boolean search of number, title, abstract, references, application number & date, US & Intl class, government interest, inventor name & location, assignee name & location, legal rep, primary and assistant examiner. Has links to the U.S. Classification Schedule pages and the U.S. Class Definitions.
U.S.Patent Server at IBM
Over 26 years of U.S. patent bibliographic descriptions (full text of first page and first claim) and full-patent images for last 17 years. Supports boolean search of inventor, assignee, title, abstract, claims and agent (maximum of 200 results allowed per search expression). Has links to referenced and referencing patents, full text of all claims, and to all other patents in same class.
U.S. PTO Database

Gen Info, Products, Services, Orgs

Seminars & Courses

inventRight Seminars
Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key have teamed up to form inventRight. Stephen Key is an award winning inventor who holds over thirty patents worldwide and has licensed over twenty items in the toy, novelty, gift and label industries. Andrew Krauss runs the Inventors Alliance -- one of the largest and most respected inventors associations in the country. Andrew has helped educate many struggling inventors during his eight years at the Inventors Alliance. Andrew and Stephen have teamed up to form inventRight seminars......... offering seminars and educational materials to help inventors take that all so important "next step".
Electronic prototype design and development for inventors. Over 15 years experience. Digital Rights Management
Big Idea Hunt
Booksforinventors Home Page
Bruce Sawyer Center
520 Mendocino Ave., Suite 210, Santa Rosa, CA. 707-524-1773. Part of the Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center. Offers patent searching, and free consultation on developing, protecting, and marketing inventions.
Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation
Creativity at Work
Discover Games (Game Inventors' Site)
Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI)
Fee Quote and RFP engine exclusively designed for Intellectual Property legal services. - Intellectual Property Registration
GamesplayUK - The Vital Link between Toy and Game Inventors and Manufacturers!
The Hook Appropriate Technology
The Hook Appropriate Technology is a performance based licensing, marketing and new product development firm. They offer free listings of new products available and new technology wanted. Their site focuses primarily on invention and has news (including legislation and innovation events), inventing articles, a list of inventors groups across the US, and links to numerous other sites.
Idea Rights
The Invention Dimension!
INVENTION CONVENTION ® - Gateway to the World of Inventing
Invention Zone
Site for inventors and entrepreneurs interested in the latest trends regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights and marketing. Sponsored by Idea Marketplace, the nation's largest magazine catering exclusively to the interests of inventors, and Goldstein and Associates, America's leading law firm specializing in helping individual inventors. A vast array of materials can be found here, including articles, a question and answer forum for important issues, and a calendar of events.
InventNET- Inventors Network
The Inventors Network is a non-profit organization. Our main goal is to provide independent inventors with the newest information and help them develop and market their inventions. Information is provided on: Patent attorneys & patent agents, US PTO fees, Patent search, Prototyping, Inventors at InventNET, Inventors associations , Inventors publications, Inventing Books, Events, News, Government programs & Grants, Invention funding, Business start-up, Selling an invention, Marketing.
Inventor Organization Home Pages
Inventors Headquarters, Free help for the novice Inventor.
Inventors Mentoring Services. A free service for getting your idea from the garage to the market place for as little out of pocket money as possible.
Inventors Online Museum presented by the Alliance for American Innovation
Inventors Workshop International Education Foundation
IWIEF is a nonprofit, membership volunteer organization for inventors. It has five chapters around California (including one in Santa Cruz), offers services and guidance to members, and sponsors the annual Inventors Expo.
Inventor's Bookstore by Jack Lander
Inventors' Consortium
An active forum and soundboard, allowing inventors a real chance to possibly vent their frustrations and help fellow inventors in the process.
Inventor's Guide
This site includes weekly features on inventors and inventions in history and web reviews of other sites relevant to inventors and emerging technologies. While a lot of sites for inventors are rather business oriented, this site is meant to be fun.
Inventors' Webring 1
Inventors' Webring 2
Inventure Place, Inventors' Hall of Fame
IPToolbar - Resource for hundreds of valuable intellectual property related links.
JackLo, Licensed Patent Agent
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reg. no. 40,070. Utility and design patent applications, patent drawing, office action response. Experienced, reliable, ethical and afordable. Author of The Patent Drawing Book (Nolo Press, early 1997).
The Lemelson Foundation
Margolin Development
National Institute of Standards and Technology - Advanced Technology Program
The National Technology Transfer Center Home Page
,, The World's Leading www Hub Portal where Inventors, attorneys, kids, K-12, and teachers find free forums, chat rooms, inventor help on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Intellectual Property, Science and Innovation.
Product, a patent/product development portal.
The San Francisco Furniture Design Forum - SF3D
San Francisco Public Library
Civic Center, at Larkin & Grove, San Francisco, CA. 415-557-4500. Offers full patent searching.
Santa Clara University - Intellectual Property Association
Sponsor of the IA meeting location on the SCU campus. - A Free Inventors' Resource
TRIZ - The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
A proven algorithmic approach to solving technical problems.
United Inventors Association (UIA)
Information about inventing, inventors, obtaining a patent, evaluation, marketing and avoiding invention fraud. The UIA is a tax exempt, not for profit corporation formed in 1990 solely for educational purposes. The mission of the UIA is to provide leadership, support, and services to inventor support groups and independent inventors.
U.S. Copyright Office
U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress. Here you will find all key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the home pages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including Congressional testimony and news releases; the latest regulations; a link to online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.
U.SPatent and Trademark Office
Washington, DC. 800-PTO-9199. Web site offers classification and patent searching, information about patents and trademarks, and directories of public information about patents.

Inventions and Innovations

E Ink
The Great Idea Finder
The Idea Exchange
Collection of message boards for inventors.
The Inventor's Mill-Shop (Incredible New Products) online since January 1996
!! PatentPost.Com(sm) !! patents for license, patents for licensing, patents for sale
Pretty Strange Patents -- A Tribute to Strange, Wacky and Unusual Patents From Around the World
RE Smith's Inventions/ Research and the Best Gadget Links

658 Management

Resources for bringing your invention to market yourself and comprehensive works on invention and management, organized by management discipline.

658.0 General

658.0000 General reference

[?] Gibbs Group Inventor Site Map
Information and links for inventors including: services and products, patents and products for sale or lic section, encylopedia of resources, organizations, forms to download, inventors' yellowpages, legal news, businesses looking for products.
Yahoo! Calendar
Small Business 2000, The Television Show
PSI Research
"Provide new and existing business owners and managers with information to become more successful and grow a business....Whenever we become aware of resources that may be of use to you it will be added to this home page. Whether your are running a business or starting a new one, we have information that will be helpful to you."
Smart Business Supersite
Excellent concise articles in 60 catagories.
Stand Alone, Inventor!
At this site you can learn how to develop and market new products all by yourself. That's what Bob Merrick has done for the past 25 years, and that's what he teaches in his new book: Stand Alone, Inventor!
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Info

658.0016 Bibliography

Pages that primarily reference or list other works including books, articles, other pages, audio, video, broadcasts, programs, etc.
Business Information
A short page of links to other sites with general information and information on finance and employment.
Invention Master Resource List
Index of resources including: Invention/Inventor Resources, Patent Searching Resources, Legal Resources, Usenet Links, Entrepreneur Links, Start-Up Capital, Invention Bibliography, Misc Info & Resources, Leonardo DaVinci And Other Sites
Let'sTalk Business Guest List
Let's Talk Business is the only nationally syndicated radio talk show focused on the issues of small business, entrepreneurship and franchising. List site provides abstracts of upcoming and past shows and a schedule of upcoming shows. You can also listen to some of the past shows over the Internet or hear upcoming shows live on Audionet from anywhere in the world!
SFPL Business Resources
San Francisco Public Library's extensive bibliography of Internet information, resources and services for all aspects of business from invention through marketing.

658.0029 Products and services

Pages that primarily list or discuss products and services for entrepreneurs offered for sale or free of charge.
Arthur D. Little Enterprises (ADLE)
"The invention management subsidiary of Arthur D. Little, Inc., one of the world's premier consulting firms. Through expertise in technology development, intellectual property and technology transfer, our Invention Management Program commercializes innovations by turning early-stage ideas into successfully licensed technologies. If you're looking for help in bringing your innovation to market -- or want to learn more about the invention marketing process -- you've come to the right place."< <
Bruce Sawyer Center
520 Mendocino Ave., Suite 210, Santa Rosa, CA. 707-524-1773. Part of the Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center. Offers patent searching, and free consultation on developing, protecting, and marketing inventions.
California Invention Center
[No known Website] - Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA. 510-538-5200.
Inventors' Awareness Group
Westfield, MA. 413-568-5561. Information on fraud targeted at inventors, particularly "invention marketing companies."
Investigations Corporation of Alabama
Kalchas, Inc.
We use mathematical and statistical methods to identify opportunities from which your business can profit, such as: The pinpointing of lucrative market segments; the determination of optimal mixes of products, features, or services; the formulation of competitive strategies; and the solution of any other business problem involving a commitment of capital in the face of uncertainty.
Lester Ctr for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Sponsored by UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. The Center coordinates and develops activities in entrepreneurship and innovation. Since its founding, the Center has expanded the entrepreneurship curriculum, helped spawn several new ventures and has developed a relationship with the business community that makes it one of the foremost entrepreneurial centers in the country.
Redwood Empire Small Business Devlpmnt Ctr
Provides assistance to owners of existing or new businesses. Offers free long-term, in-depth consulting on virtually every aspect of business operations. Maintains a resource room with books, videos, and other information. Offers workshops and training on fundamentals of business.
SBA Gopher Server
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)
Non-profit provider of free business advice and low cost practical business seminars to entrepreneurs. Assistance ranging from start-up, marketing, strategic planning, accounting and much more.
Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC)
A non-profit service of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Assists small businesses and inventors with technical and market assessments of new product and service ideas. Their well-trained researches use hundreds of databases and have access to over 400 technical consultants. They have researched the viability of nearly 4,000 ideas for entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the U.S.

658.0050 Serial publications

Pages that are periodical (online magazines) or that list or discuss periodicals.
FLASHCommerce - Daily Electronic Commerce News and Discussion Forums on Ecommerce and Small Business Resources
The Crafts Report Online
Entrepreneur Magazine
Entrepreneurial Edge
Entrepreneurial Edge is a quarterly small business training magazine, reaching more than 100,000 owners of small to mid-size businesses. It offers ideas and solutions for every aspect of running a business. EE teaches by example through its magazine, Web site, EE Direct, Business Builders, workshops, conferences and seminars. The site has a library of over 5000 articles and hosts small business owners forums and has an index of links to other sites for small businesses.
Inventors' Digest
Samples of useful info published in ID. Extensive topics listing of articles that have appeared in ID, other invention orgs and weblinks, inventor's awareness group and others tips on avoiding scams, and a listing of government services and the Patent Trademark Office, trademark depository libraries, and many other valuable services (prototype makers, patent searches, attorneys, etc.)
SVASE Catalyst
Newsletter of SVASE.

658.0060 Organizations

Pages that primarily list or discuss organizations that inventors and entrepreneurs can join.
Alliance for American Innovation
List of organizations which provide a broad range of services to inventors and entrepreneurs.
Association of Licensing Industry Merchandisers - LIMA
A not-for-profit organization of licensors, manufacturers, retailers and other support organizations working for the advancement of professionalism in licensing. Through regional and international events, seminars, exhibits and publications, LIMA is the worldwide rallying point for companies and individuals interested in learning about and participating in the business of licensing.
Bay Area Entrepreneur Association
Central Valley Inventors' Association (CVIA)
[Web site coming soon]. P.O. Box 1551, Manteca, CA 95336. (209) 239-8090. Meets 10 am to 12 pm every second Saturday of each month at the Manteca Public Library, 320 West Center St., Manteca. Call to confirm meeting dates.
Idea to Market Network - ITM
Inventors' Alliance
Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE)
This is an organization by and for Entrepreneurs, and fosters entrepreneurial activity in diverse fields like IT, biotech, nanotech, energy etc. It brings together a host of resources - financial, legal etc. for the entrepreneur.
Smart Valley, Inc.
The Churchill Club
Toy Manufacturers of America (TMA®)
Welcome to the American Home Business Association
Edward Lowe Foundation
The mission of the Edward Lowe Foundation is to champion the entrepreneurial spirit by providing information, research and education experiences which support small business people and the free enterprise system.
Edward Lowe PeerSpectives ? Report
The Edward Lowe Foundation, established by Edward Lowe in 1985, champions the entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging second-stage business owners to get PeerSpectives? on their businesses. To that end, we encourage business owners to get involved with entrepreneurial peer-networking organizations and to think about their businesses in new and creative ways.
Entrepreneurial Edge Main Page
The Entrepreneurship Institute
Jeff wURLd Homepage Helper Links and Free Stuff

658.1 Organization and finance

The Company Corporation
Incorporate your business or form an LLC for as little as $45 plus state filing fees in 48 hours or less.
Startup --
CyFiler! Form 1099 filing
Digital Planet Welcome - IRS
The Moneyhunter Home Page
Small Business Planning
Thousands of free how-to resources geared specifically to help you run your business or department smarter. From America's top writers, books and publications.
Wells Fargo's WWW Home Page
Franchise Times Home
IFA - International Franchise Association - Voice of Franchising

658.2 Plant

Commercial Real Estate
San Jose / Southern Bay Area, California Commercial Real Estate

658.3 Personnel

Informus Employment Screening
Timesheet, Time Tracking, and Time Management on the Internet by ClickTime
Joseph Michaels -The name to know in staffing.
Eugene Help Wanted Job Posting, Recruiting and Resumes

658.5 Production

All*Used Equipment Exchange
Ellison - The Idea Company
Manual die cutter for prototyping, small production, packaging.
Manual die cutter for prototyping, small production, packaging.
Manufacturers Information Net Home Page
Maquila and Labor Outsourcing
Manufacturing outsourcing. ORSA has a team of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals offering a valuable resource to help you accomplish company goals at a fraction of traditional costs in the area of product development, component design, tooling, design and development, low cost domestic and offshore manufacturing, which includes assembly in Mexico.
Software Production Services - Your Full Service Software Manufacturer
Used Equipment Network
Used Capital manufacturing and other Equipment
Turning Imagination Into Reality
The best of China
The Job Shop Network: An Outsourcing Site For OEMs
Digest of Rapid Prototyping Articles on the Web
Rapid Prototyping Technologies at a Glance

658.7 Materials (and services)

Thomas Register
Worldwide Composites (WWC) Search Engine
Global Sources
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies
Welcome to - The Largest B2B eMarketplace on the Net

658.8 Distribution and marketing

658.8000 General reference

Interbrand brand consulting company
Features survey of 75 global brands worth $1 billion or more.
Atlas of Direct Mail Catalogs
RIS News
Mass eComm Links
Credit Management Association, Business and Finance Solutions, CMA - NACM
BulletMail - targeted opt-in email list rentals - email marketing - permission marketing
**Reach Your Target Audience With Direct E-mail Marketing
ClickZ Network Home
Database Marketing Institute
Catalog Age
The 900 Advertising Club
Catalog Site Home Page
Online Catalog Shopping Resource for Great Mail Order & Online Catalogs. -- Hundreds of FREE Catalogs. Use their alphabetical or catagorical index or their search function to find the best places to market your product.
D and B's Online Access
Demographics- The Right Site
Federal Trade Commission Home Page
Before you market your product, be sure you will market fairly. Visit the FTC site. The FTC seeks to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and free of undue restrictions. The FTC also works to enhance the smooth operation of the marketplace by eliminating acts or practices that are unfair or deceptive. In general, the FTC's efforts are directed toward stopping actions that threaten consumers' opportunities to exercise informed choice.
Glossary of Printing Terms
Media Finder from Oxbridge Communications, Inc.
onTRAC Home Page
Promotional Products
Tradeshows, Conferences and Seminars
ExpoBase Exhibition and Tradeshow Directory
Trade Show Central
Trade Show Central is a free Internet service providing information on more than 30,000 Trade Shows, Conferences & Seminars, 5,000 service providers, and 5,000 venues and facilities around the world. TSC connects people who organize and support trade shows with those who attend and exhibit at them.
UPC On-line Database
UPC Uniform Code Council
Information and standards for UPCs (Univeral Product Codes)
The Direct Marketing Association Home - The DMA
Retail Info Systems News
Avoiding Charge-Backs - free webmaster tip (Selling Online)
Jeff Dobkin's Home Page

658.8029 Products and services

Andex Corp - Stock blisters, blister machine
Merchant services directory
Search Engine Guide
Your first stop reference for marketing with search engine listings.
Placon - stock clam shells
Associated [plastic] Bags
Uline - shipping boxes, supplies
Dot Packaging - blister and header card printing
Hamster Advertising
ASI - Advertising Specialties Institute (promotional products)
eCongo Station - Free eCommerce
Bureau of Wholesale Representatives
Design and marketing ideas for desktop publishing, web design, and small business
PromoMart - Promotional Products
Huge searchable database of promotional products. Lots of detailed introductory information about the industry. Imprint trade pub online.
American Craft Mall
Auctions - utrade
YCS International
Has a great glossary of import/export terms.
Mailing Lists - Recco GuideAmerica
Atlas Trademark Search
A time efficient and cost effective first search of U.S. Federal registered and pending trademarks. Search and Register your Trademark Online
Contact Data Systems
Global Data Traffic Boosting. For a small one time fee of $49, we'll list your website in 500+ Search Engines & Directories!
Credit Reports
ECS-Global rates
Electronic Card Systems

* Accept Credit Cards for your WWW Business!
* ALL business types accepted, GUARANTEED!
* Easy, quick approval / free pre-application:
Free Catalogs from CatalogLink free polls for your website. Get your free voting booth now! Advertise at low CPM, high clickthrough rates.
Giftware Business Magazine (GBM)
Jeff Garb Associates Gift Industry Sales Representatives
Good links and info about using reps.
Merchant Account, Merchant Accounts at Guaranteed Lowest Price for Credit Cards On Line
Merchant Accounts Web Hosting Shopping Carts Domain Names
Nat Assoc of Printers and Lithographers
Has directories of printing services including image houses.
National Card Systems, Inc.
Credit card processing service and hardware. Also includes information and links to information regarding doing business on the Internet.
NAICS--North American Industry Classification System
Photo Search - The Stock Solution Photography Agency
PHOTOVAULT-Loving Images about the Great Mystery
PR Web - Free Press Releases
Sell Sheet Central
Site Leader
This site offers registration of World Wide Web Domain name(s) so you don't have to worry about losing this valuable, "virtual asset" to someone else.
Provides attractive, intuitive and easily maintained Internet, intranet, and television web sites using cutting edge web and broadcast technologies with innovative design.
Top Domain
TopDomain Registers Your Domain Name Online in One Quick Process - for Business, Trademarks, Personal or Brand Names. We Supply All Technical Requirements (DNS) and Proper Form for Successful Registration with InterNIC. - Submission Service
UPS Home Page
USPS - United States Postal Service
USPS Consumer's Guide, guidelines
Web Ad Placement - WebConnect
Tracks average banner ad costs
Web promotion, business promotion, sales and marketing
Web Services
Your domain name is your company's identity in cyberspace. This is something your business should do now!... Domain names are being gobbled up at the amazing rate of up to 18,000 per day! This site offers domain name registration, Web site design and hosting. Their site provides some useful tips on Web page presentation and hosting.
Standard Industrial Classification Search
Cold Calling For Cowards seminars and publications
Audio Web Pro
Monster Hut
Impact Publishing
Has Your Daily Promotion e-letter
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submission
! Submit: Affordable Website Submission Service
ScreamDesign-Free animated gifs,images,web design,flash animation,photoshop tips,html,icons
Rapid Impact Marketing targeted opt-in email marketing solutions.
Search Engine Ranking Central - Submits your website to thousands of search engines increasing your traffic and visibility

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