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This Saturday, October 26th, Main Event In Sunnyvale, CA
Bay Area Chapter Main Event:
Learn How to Read A Patent & How To License Your Ideas
Do You Know How To Read A Patent Correctly?
Knowing how can help you protect your ideas. 
Learn Basic Patent Reading Skills
With patent attorney Damon Kali this Saturday!
Do You Really Know How To Sell Your Ideas?
Knowing the beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques Andrew will teach
you can and will save you $1,000's of dollars and years of wasted time. 
Learn How To Sell Your Ideas. 
With Licensing expert Andrew Krauss This Saturday!
Featured Speaker
Damon Kali
Registered Patent Attorney

Learn Basic Patent Reading Skills
With Patent Attorney Damon Kali

As you might expect, most inventors have looked at patents before. However, it's quite often with a sigh and look of bewilderment as to how to get some sort of valuable information from this thing called a patent. 

Inventors quite often don't understand what they are reading when they look at a patent.

Others just look at the pictures in the patent and give the easy to read parts of the patent a quick look making the assumption they know what the patent is protecting. 

What should you really be looking at when you find a patent you think may be relevant to your invention? 

It's all about the claims!

Damon will show you the basics of breaking down claims.

The benefits of understanding a patents claims are.... 

  • Understanding what IS protected
  • Understanding what IS NOT protected
  • Get the info you need to get around other patents
  • Write a stronger patent

Damon will also cover....

  • How to spot a poorly written patent
  • How to know when a patent is a threat to you getting a patent
  • How to know when a patent is nothing to be concerned about


Don't miss this one!

Damon's one of our most popular and giving speakers. He's coming back to share this very important information with you this Saturday! 


About The Speaker

Mr. Kali specializes in patent prosecution and associated client counseling. His practice emphasizes the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in a wide range of technologies including semiconductor device fabrication, bioinformatics, gene chip technology, computer software, and digital imaging equipment.

Prior to attending law school Mr. Kali worked for Gruntec America where he gained valuable experience in biohazardous waste remediation, which included thermal analysis of incineration devices used in the destruction of heterogeneous waste streams, process control modeling and software implementation for automated incineration devices, and emission control systems to meet EPA and NAFTA requirements for incineration devices both in the United States and Mexico. Mr. Kali also developed a hybrid full stream video system to deliver educational content for SERA Learning Technologies in cooperation with Stanford University, Sun Systems, Chico State University, and California Polytechnic University.

While attending Santa Clara University he was the President of the Intellectual Property Association, a member of Phi Delta Phi Legal Honors Fraternity and a La Raza Mentor. He also completed the High Tech Certificate Program while attending Santa Clara.

Mr. Kali is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is a member of the California Bar Association.



Featured Speaker 
Andrew Krauss
Licensing Expert


Do You Really Know How To Sell Your Ideas?
Knowing the beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques Andrew will teach 
you can and will save you $1,000's of dollars and years of wasted time. 
Learn How To Sell Your Ideas. 
With Licensing expert Andrew Krauss This Saturday!
Andrew has been coaching and mentoring inventors full time for the past eleven years. He has had students in over 37 countries. 
This Saturday, Andrew will show you beginning, intermediate AND advanced techniques inventors can use to license their ideas for 
royalties without having to start a company or manufacture anything themselves. 
The techniques Andrew will teach will cover the following and more.....
  • Researching the viability of your idea to give yourself the "green light" or "red light" on a project.
  • How to present your product without having to be a salesman
  • Making your hit list of companies to sell to
  • Filling a patent the smart way on a budget but at the same time covering all your bases
  • Getting in - calling companies
  • How to move deals forward when you get a little interest
  • Negotiations 101
  • How to play the numbers game to increase your chances of success
  • Increase your chances of success even more by not inventing the way most inventors do. Learn how to be a pro!


Saturday - October 26th, 2013


10:00 am - 10:30 am - Check-In & Networking

10:30 am - 11:30 am - Damon Kali - Patent Attorney

11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Networking & Lunch

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New! - $9.99 buffet including your choice of 25 items
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Our members are inventors, engineers, patent attorneys, manufacturing experts, marketing experts and others with a wide range of expertise. Take advantage of the buffet and this fantastic networking opportunity. Many members have made critical contacts that helped them move their products forward at past Inventors Alliance meetings.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm - Andrew Krauss - Licensing Expert

Dosa N. Biryani Fresh Indian Grill & Bar
252 E. Java Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089

NOTE: This month we'll be meeting in the banquet room at the end of the same strip mall 
Dosa N. Biryani Fresh Indian Grill & Bar is in. 
PARKING - There is plenty of free parking available in parking lot just in front of restaurant.

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As always, we wish you much success in all your invention-related endeavors.

Andrew Krauss
Inventors Alliance President

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